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  • Dispensing and sampling Booth

    Dispensing and sampling Booth are made out of SS 304 / 316 OR G.I Powder Coated; it has three stage of filtration. Sampling / dispensing booth is used to prevent cross contamination or for self-containment.

    Raw material and other compounds for re-filling, weighing, filling and sampling are the uses of dispensing and sampling booths. It is provided with high efficiency HEPA filter, which removes the airborne particulate matter by down flow of air technique. The unit eliminates powder contamination to protect the operator and the surrounding environment and is used for weighing, mixing and dispensing of powder and thus protecting the product.

# Specification of Dispensing / Sampling booth
1 Pre Filter -10 micron filter washable.
2 Fine Filter – 5 / 3 micron filter
3 HEPA Filter – 0.3 micron down to 99.99%(EU-13/14 as per client requirement.)
4 Exhaust Filter – 0.3 micron down to 99.97% (EU-13/14 as per client requirement.)
5 Motor & blower – Statically and dynamically balanced
5 Flow Rate (Velocity) – 0.45m/sec
5 Class - ISO-05
5 Noise level – 70 db
5 Magnahelic guage – Provided