Clean room equipment are made out of G.I sheet with powder coated of 0.8mm thick of flush doors and infill is honey comb and frame is made out of G.I sheet with powder coated of 1.2 mm thick, with Provision for Double Glazed Glass and Hardware’s like Heavy Duty Doors Closures, Door Lock, S.S Handles, Drop Seal, Tower Bolt, S.S Ball Bearing Hinges, Kick plate and Push Plate and it can be installed in the civil wall and wall panel.We can also provide doors with stainless steel door protecters.

    Clean Room Doors can be available in different sizes: 750/900/1000/1200/1500/1800mm or as per client requirement

  • Clean Room Equipment are different types

    1)  Single doors

    2)  Double door

    3)  Emergency doors

    4)  Sliding Doors

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